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The THROWBACKS - "Wildlife" CD Demo
"Interesting little self-financed demo this one. Contains 5 aggressively Bouncy Street Punk tunes reminiscent of The TEMPLARS, early BUSINESS, and DEAD EMPTY, 3 Bands which as you know I'm quite fond of myself. Definitely a band to keep an eye on for the future, and mark my words well cos I''m rarely wrong in these matters."
-Benny, Antisocial Behaviour Magazine
"The Throwbacks put the fun back into Oi! It’s about time someone addressed serious social problems like Mimes,Skinheads in Space, Clowns and other politically charged issues. They came down to Atlanta and blew us away. I’m not just saying this because they paid me handsomely either!” -Frank owner of Crash and Burn, also internationally known singer for mega super-band Terminus City
THROWBACKS - 1 year and still alive CD “…Straight up Punk Rock with a small hint of the stylings of Streetpunk but more in league with earlier American Punk bands then any Oi! band I can think of. Pretty rockin' bar type punk rock n roll. "Everyday" is a pretty rockin' number that would fit in pretty good with the American Oi! Compilation I am doing! -Squigtone Records