Home of the Throwbacks. Let us know you care and sign the damn guestbook, scribble on our message board, or drop an email. Up above is some shit for you to check out, so do so. We have some shows lined up for the future, check the shows page. We'll be playing a couple shows with our Texas droogs, the Lower Class Brats in July. We also have a benefit show coming up with proceeds going to the Donny Oaks scholarship fund (young guy from Erie killed in Iraq). Not to forget the reunion of the Sussed in Pitt. Lottsa stuff


Listen to some of our lil' diddies. We go back into the studio May 12 to pound out a few newbies. Get in touch if you'd like to come and play Erie or Pittsburgh. Good bands are always welcome. Watch for us on Madskull Records new punk tribute to Venom due out in August(very scary stuff).