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Back to the front making new from the past

Living each day, but we’re growin’ old fast

Stompin’ our feet as the fat lady sings

Fallin’ like a rock but we’re flappin’ our wings

Do it for the punks, skins, and the clowns

Do it for the love of that giggle oi! sound

Play for the kids but we’re cranky old men

This punk rock ride, it’ll never end


I want to be a – Throwback

Don’t want to grow up – Fuck that

Only want to be a – Throwback

Throwbacks, Throwbacks, Throwbacks


Blitz, Devo, Johnny Cash

Buzzcocks, Gonads, and the Clash

Venom, Maiden, Slayer, Crue

We played metal and so did you

Sham, Templars, and the Stray Cats

Fear, Misfits, Lower Class Brats

Germs, Slapshot, and the Adicts

Wendy O Williams and the Plasmatics




Four Skins, Cocksparrer, Skullhead too

Becky Bondage and Susie Sioux

Oppressed,Exploited, Minor Threat

Skrewdriver, Cramps, and Joan Jett

Bow Wow Wow, and the GoGo’s

Who, theJam, and Rezillos

Business, Ramones, Motorhead

So many more we should have said